Drinkopoly - (le plus enivrant de tous les jeux) World best selling drinking game in English language

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Manufacturer Description

Drinkopoly is a social and interactive board game designed to provide hours of fun, laughs and mischief at home, parties or outings. Don't waste time thinking about party game ideas, just bring out the world's most popular drinking game to break the ice and have an (un)forgettable experience with your friends. The board has 44 fields with various tasks requiring you to stop at bars, pubs and clubs, and take gulps of long or short drinks. There are additional fields with special tasks and activities, such as truth and dares, arm wrestling challenges, poem recitals, tongue twisters, pick-up lines or kissing contests. The winner is the one who traverses through the social challenges and reaches the end of the journey first. Drinkopoly has 50 special cards describing various tasks. When you pull a card, you have to complete the task or take a sip of a drink to advance further. Some of the tasks are funny, some are sexy and some are simply craaazy! You can be sure whichever card you pick, you will remember it (or not). DRINKOPOLY IS IDEAL FOR PRE-DRINKS AT HOME, PARTIES, BBQ'S, 18 AND 21ST BIRTHDAYS, BUCKS AND HENS NIGHTS OR ANY OUTINGS. ORDER A DRINKOPOLY SET FOR YOUR PARTNER, FRIEND, COUSIN OR SOMEONE SPECIAL NOW!

Product Features

AN (UN)FORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE - THE BLURRIEST GAME EVER does not require a beer pong table, disturbed, drunk, stoned or stupid friends to play, and you won't be committing any crime against the humanity by playing it; use frequently to prevent insanity. All that you need are shot glasses, a game board, a deck of playing cards with tasks, a dice, pleasant atmosphere, and what you get are awkward moments full of laughter and happiness. FOR 2-6 ADULT PLAYERS this is the hottest known adult couples game, a game for 4, 6, 8 grown-ups, you can also compete in teams of two. Drinkopoly is a game that uncovers the hilarious truth your playing buddies hide, gets you through the craziest tasks, undresses you or even makes you swap your underwear with a friend. Board game for adults, where you get to know people, or one of those hot drinking party games that keep everyone in the mood all night long. A GREAT GIFT IDEA for every family member for their birthday, a funny gift for a Russian vodka lover, a Christmas present for brothers, sisters, colleagues or friends, for all ages, and especially for students - they would love it. Without Drinkopoly no bachelor, bachelorette, or student party is complete. Buy this game and have crazy fun playing with friends. CAN BE PLAYED WITH ANY DRINK, such as juice, soda, water, tea, and is not intended for alcohol only. If you are a teen, a unicorn or a mermaid, use non-alcoholic drinks and turn it into a favourite game for teenagers, so you can ride your pony safely. Caution: don't drink and drive. Drinkopoly is also a cool bar accessory or bar gadget, a toy for adults, a bar game set. OUR MISSION IS TO BECOME THE KING OF PARTY GAMES FOR ADULTS and the hottest game on the market, which makes every night in the college dorm, kitchen, hotel, living room, or around the campfire an experience you would want to remember.